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Assessment Center Testing
Assessment Center testing remains one of the top choices for organziations seeking qualified leaders.  Research shows that this type of testing is beneficial IF the exercises are properly designed and managed.  The #1 failure of these tests is the lack of understanding of how to develop valid scenarios based on identified dimensions.
Our design of an assessment center begins with a review of the position description and interviews to determine the most important traits of a person who is most likely to succeed in the position, within that particular organization.  These translate into measurable 'dimensions'.  From there, exercises are developed to draw out those identified dimensions.  As always, you are consulted with regards to the type and complexity of the exercises.  Our exercises have been called 'challenging' in that we want to provide the opportunity for the top candidates to become readily apparant.

We also provide orientation and training for the assessors and candidates.  Our goal is to organize a smooth, valid, and successful testing process for your organziation.

Please contact us for additional information.  We'd be glad to meet with you or your representative to discuss how we could conduct testing for your organization.