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Feasiblity Studies
You can review the study we completed for two Lane County, Oregon (Eugene area) Fire Departments here: 

Please contact us to discuss options for studies along with preliminary pricing information:  or call 360-630-7699
As agencies explore ways to operate more efficiently, the thought of combining services with another organization appear as an attractive option. 

Combining services can take many forms:

Combine Specific Services (such as Training, Apparatus Maintenance, Administrative Services, etc.
Contract for Services
Functional Consolidation
Merger or Annexation
Regional Fire Authority
For many organizations, combining services in some fashion has been quite successful.  Less so, in some other cases.  Determining if joining forces with another agency is right for you, involves a lot of time and effort.  We can assist your efforts by obtaining, evaluating, and presenting needed information from which to base decisions.

We offer 2 primary services to assist you in determining if combining services is right for your organization:

You'll find that our pricing is suprisingly affordable and the reports to be comprehensive and designed to meet YOUR needs.

A 'Snapshot' look to determine if moving forward with a full study is warranted at this time.  This is designed to be a quite affordable study to provide staff and elected officials with basic information, and to discuss the likelihood of a successful partnership, basic advantages (and issues) that should be discussed; and whether or not proceeding in further studies and planning meetings is advantageous at this time.
A full 'Feasiblity' study that examines and projects revenues and expenses, impacts on fire protection ratings, impacts on collective bargaining agreements, oppotunities for cost savings and/or service enhancements, and much more.  The full study provides staff and elected officials with the needed information to determine what options are best for the specific agencies involved, the impacts of those options, as well as a 'roadmap' to proceed, should that be in the best interests of the affected agencies and the citizens they serve