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Interim Fire Chief

After retiring as a career Fire Chief, I got into the 'Interim' positions by accident.  Mostly due to difficulties within a Fire District that hampered their ability to ability to recruit a number of qualified applicants and hire a Fire Chief.  Or the Districts had specific goals or challenges in which they wanted an Interim Chief with specific skill sets to assist with a transition.


That said, I've been an Interim Fire Chief for the following:

Palominas Fire District [AZ]

Pleasant Hill & Goshen Fire Districts [OR]

Buckskin Fire Department [AZ]

Siuslaw Valley Fire & Rescue & Western Lane Ambulance District [OR]


Note that in two of these postions I reported to two different Boards.  In those cases, I was working on Operational Consolidations, both of which are still being actively pursued with their respective Chiefs and Boards.

In each of these positions I prepared and administerd budgets, managed personnel, and functioned as a responding Duty Chief.  It was also my responsiblity to recruit candidates for my replacement as Fire Chief, as well as develop and administer the testing and interview process from which the Boards could make a hiring decision.


If you are in the need of a temporary 'Interim' Fire Chief, please contact me to discuss options.

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