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Making the Most of the First 5-Minutes

Chief Andrew Smith and I developed this course out of necessity.  We had resident volunteer firefighters and others who would arrive at the scene of an incident prior to the Duty Officer.  We know that the actions of the first arriving unit often sets the tone for the duration of the incident.  This is a class that emphasises good clear communication, size-up skills, developing 'Command Presence', determining an operational mode and initial strategies.  We include SLICE-RS, a bit on water supply and building construction.  Case histories and simulations are used to practice and reinforce essential skills.  The last session includes several hours of active incident scene simulations in which each student is the initial Incident Commander.


The original target audiences were resident volunteer firefighters and others who find themselves in the 'right-hand seat' and first to arrive.  Experienced company officers and Chief Officers who have taken the course have commented on the value of this course to 'sharpen the saw' and review the basics.


This course is certified by Oregon DPSST as meeting all JPR's for Fire Officer 1 'Emergency Services Delivery'.  The course is 12-15 hours in duration and can be completed in a weekend format [preferred] or 2 consecutive drill nights and a Saturday.


We try to limit the class size to 12 participants in order to maximize student participation in simulations and group exercises.   We can accomodate 18 students if the local training officer can take a group and cover local hazards and apparatus positioning exercises


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