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Strategic Planning Services
An appropriately constructed and accepted Strategic Plan can be one of the most beneficial tools available to an organization.  The process seeks to create a cohesive plan that identifies and priortizes goals based on the needs and desires of the community, elected officials, appointed leaders, and staff.  In short, it's goal is to get everyone 'on the same page' and working together, in an organized fashion, towards adopted goals and objectives.  The process focuses on four basic questions:
Where are we now?
Where do we want to be?
How do we get there?
How do we measure our progress?
Though the process, tyour planning team identifies your customer's expectations and priorities, develops a mission statement (if not already in place), identifies organizational values, identifies critical organizational issues and strengths, identifies areas of needed enhancement, establishes and prioritizes goals and objectives, and develops implementation strategies, tasks, and timelines.  Your team evaluates the benchmarking surveys and information provided by customers and staff; and follows through a series of exercises to develop an appropriate plan for their organization.

Samples of plans, as well as proposed processes are available.  We welcome the to meet with you to discuss options for creating or updating your strategic plan.
"The best way to predict the future is to create it."
Peter Drucker
Steve Abel & Associates  7543 34th Avenue NE,  Seattle, WA 98115  360-630-7699  E-Mail:
While there are many uncertainties in today's government and economic climate, your organization can, and should be positioning themselves for future opportunities (and challenges).  At the same time, remaining innovative in providing efficient service and bringing value to their customers.  A well developed Strategic Plan can help accomplish those goals.
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