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Steve Abel & Associates, LLC   PO Box 822  Creswell, OR 97426   360-630-7699   E-Mail

We strive to bring highest quality services to small and medium sized Fire Districts & Departments.  As a Fire Chief and consultant for several years, we're aware of budgetary constraints, yet the need for quality services focused on your needs. 

We're focused on Strategic Planning, Feasiblity Studies for Cooperative Ventures, Leadership Training and Education, Recruitment and Testing for Leadership Positions, and Interim Fire Chief Services in Oregon, Washington and Arizona.
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March 21-22, 2020  [Saturday-Sunday]: Making the Most of the First 5-Minutes; Goshen, OR
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Due to Health Safety Concerns of our Responders
Featured Class:
Making the Most of the First 5-Minutes:
'A Guide to Quick Firefighting Strategy & Tactics with Large Pay-Offs
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